English, cultural understanding and creativity are at the center of LifeLong Learning summer and winter schools. H. C. Andersen’s stories and tools from LEGO Education are the common threads through experiences with play and learning as the focal points. Embedded in the identity of both brands are values which strengthen fantasy, curiosity and creativity. LEGO and  H. C. Andersen are both Danish names that are strong in China.

Danish educational traditions and pedagogical learning methods create a good balance between the individual and the community. The focus is on creativity and movement, wellbeing and health, which are all vital for great learning.

We connect Chinese stakeholders with experts in the areas where Denmark has special abilities. We work together with councils, educational institutions and companies that develop and experiment with learning.

In Denmark there is a tradition for, as well as the opportunity, to educate oneself through all stages of life. That message is something we would like to share.


To go to school in Nyborg is great (In Danish): Husgerning er et hit