Historical movie opening with rituals and incense

For the first time, a Chinese film crew chose Denmark as a location for a film to be available on one of the leading streaming services in China – equal to Netflix or HBO Nordic.

Before the film recording the Chinese crew have traditions and rituals to ensure their film the best road to the screens. They brought their traditions to Denmark, more specifically Nyborg and sites in the city and on Funen where the movie takes place.

At exactly 10.18 on the 23rd of September, technicians, producer, actors and the director all met – 35 Chinese filmmakers in total – on the square in Nyborg and prayed for good weather and good days.

Kenneth Muhs, the mayor of Nyborg and the film’s partners held a speech. After the speech, the director removed a red scarf covering the camera and the recording could begin.

Showing in the fall of 2017

In the beginning of 2017 a 92 minute-long film was edited and ready to be shown on the online platform iQiyi. However, the release has been delayed for later this year because the Chinese producer is waiting for the film to be shown on TV as well as enjoying the popularity that the main character is experiencing right now because of a role in a popular TV series. All this is increasing the film’s exposure upon release.


The movie’s working title is ”Stolen Fairytales” and was recorded in Nyborg and on different locations on Funen from the 23rd of September to the 8th of October. The Chinese title is BAO ZANG   .

  • The film is an action-comedy about two men and a woman who in each their own way try to get their hands on the treasures of a castle. The two men hope to find jewelry while the woman tries to cheat her way to the castle by pretending to be the heir of the castle. At the same time a mafia boss and his four bodyguards are on the hunt for the two men who owe the boss money. To make matters more complicated, the mafia boss’ daughter is in love with one of the two scammers. This results in a series of intrigues between the two women, which leads to a misunderstanding, ultimately resulting in collaboration between the women and the transfer of the castle to its rightful owner.
  • The Chinese film crew consists of 34 persons primarily from Beijing, led by the Chinese production team Changchun Baomu Film and Television Culture Media Co, Ltd. Danish co-workers and extras aid the Chinese actors.
  • The film also has Danes on the cast list, among others the badminton star Viktor Axelsen, and “The Danish Angel”; Sidsel Boye Rasmussen, who got her breakthrough in the show “Day Day Up”. Furthermore, the actor Thomas Leth Rasmussen and a wide range of Danish extras appear in the production.
  • The director is Liu Feng, who is behind six film and 19 tv-shows. He has among other things won “The 30th China Golden Rooster Award for Best Film Nomination”
  • Zou Dan is the scenographer and is among the best in China.
  • The deal with producer, director and the production company was realized based on location trips arranged by LifeLong Learning and good contacts in the Chinese film industry.

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