Get closer to the Chinese film industry

The Chinese filmmaker Mr. Song Wen is visiting Odense to talk about the perspectives in Danish-Chinese film collaboration.

China is the World’s second largest filmmarket, but difficult to access. Why and what does it take to strengthen film collaborations between Denmark and China? There will be a unique opportunity to get an answer to this, when director and festival founder Mr. Song Wen talks about the film industry in China at the seminar ‘The Road to the Chinese Film Market’ at OFF18.

Mr. Song Wen is the founder of FIRST International Film Festival, which is China’s leading film festival for young talents. The festival is celebrating innovative films, arranging camps, and opens many doors to investors for the upcoming talents. At the OFF-seminar on August 30, Mr. Song Wen will talk about talent development and the perspectives of Danish-Chinese film collaborations. Mette Bihl, CEO at Odense Film Workshop, will contribute with experiences made during last year’s Danish-Chinese talent camp, and show examples of the Danish-Chinese film productions. At 8pm. on same day, Mr. Song Wen will introduce films from FIRST’s talent camp.


The potential is huge

The Chinese film market will soon overtake the American filmmarket as the world’s leading film market. Yet our knowledge about Chinese film is still quite limited. With the market opening more and more towards the world around, Chinese investors and producers are showing interest in Europe.

“The potential is huge, and a good place to start collaboration, is with the young talents who are eager to make films and engage in new networks. It is quite a scoop, to have Mr. Song Wen attending Odense International Film Festival, and we look forward to his visit here. He is a controversial person and highly respected for his devotion towards supporting young Chines talents, says Ms. Lisa Johansen, from Lifelong Learning, who is working at strengthening the cultural relations between Denmark and China.

The contact to Mr. Song Wen was established on the basis of the Danish-Chinese talent camp which Odense Film Workshop and Lifelong Learning held last year, in collaboration with a Chinese partner in Chengdu, China. 10 Danish and 10 Chinese talents participated in the two 10-days camps which were held in both Odense (fiction) and Chengdu (documentary).



  • ‘Road to China’s Film Market’ is taking place August 30, at 11 am – 1pm, in Teater95B. Same day at 8pm, will be shown Chinese talent-films from FIRST, at Odense Film Workshop in Pantheonsgade.
  • Song Wen: Born in 1977, studied at Art College of Anhui University, and School of Film and Television at Beijing Broadcasting Institute.
  • FIRST International Film Festival is taking place every year in the last week of July, in Xining, China. This year the Danish film ‘The Guilty’ by debutant Mr. Gustav Møller, participated at FIRST Film Festival.
  • Each year, in connection with the festival, a 10 days training camp will be held, with a known international director as a mentor.