Successful start of new Danish-Chinese film collaboration

The Odense talent camp has led to the germ of the first Danish-Chinese film talent collaboration, that will be followed by a talent camp in Chengdu at the end of October.

In August, 10 selected Chinese film talents met with 10 Danish film talents during the Odense Film Workshop’s Talent Camp i Odense.

The result of long and intensive workshop days including masterclasses, pitching and feedback was five short films, which world premiered in the Cafébiografen at Brandts on Friday 1 September.


  • Odense 25/8 – 2/9 2017
  • Chengdu 22/10 – 31/10 2017

Talent camp is a recurring initiative at Odense Film workshop. So far the talent camp has been arranged for European film talents, this year the foreign participants are from China.

The camp in Odense focuses on fiction and the young participants will be a part of Odense International Filmfestival (OFF). The camp in Chengdu will focus on documentary films.

The purpose is to develop competences and exchange experiences. The young participants will inspire each other, learn new production methods and approaches to film as a medium. The focus point is storytelling and the methods are pitching, coaching and feedback. The good story is the key word.

Master classes in Odense and Chengdu: During the camp the participants will receive coaching, support and lectures from professionals like Oscar winner Martin Strange-Hansen, Australian award winner Linda Aronson, manuscript writer, photographer Alberto Claro, Wang Bo, film director and Associate Professor at the School of Visual Arts, New York, Zhou Hao, documentary film director and judge at the Taipei Golden Horse Awards, director Chen Zhong, Beijing and Shao Xiao Li, director, manuscript writer and producer from The Beijing Film Academy.

The talent Camp is offered to 20 chosen Danish and Chinese filmmakers. 10 from each country, who get the opportunity to develop their film competences and create a professional network.

Badminton player Viktor Axelsen is the ambassador for the Talent Camp. His focus will be on what it means to put your talent to work and excel even further.

  • Welcome to Denmark

  • Royal greetings at Amalienborg

  • Dinner at Copenhagen Street Food

  • Introduction to the National Film School of Denmark

  • Guess who?

  • Christiania – on the Chinese bucket list

  • In front of Ai Weiwei’s installation ‘Soleil Levant’ in Nyhavn

  • Bon appetit!

  • A visit to the world’s oldest still existing film studio

  • Fun at ‘Superkilen’ by Bjarke Engels

  • Visit to Hans Christian Andersen’s Museum – The greatest storyteller of all

  • 11_

  • Great timing – Odense’s celebration of Viktor Axelsen winning the World Championship

  • Kick Off at OFF- Odense International Film Festival

  • 12_

  • 15_

  • 16_

  • Simply creative

  • Presentation of the the 20 talents -10 Danish – 10 Chinese

  • Mette Bihl, Odense Film Workshop presents the camp’s program

  • Director Martin Strange-Hansen is the mentor and teacher of the camps in Odense and Chengdu

  • Julie Linn Milling, FilmFyn explains about possibilities for coproduction

  • Masterclass with Linda Aronson – the Australian ‘guru’ of screenwriting

  • Masterclass with cinematographer Manuel Claro – known for his works on many of Lars Von Trier’s films

  • Lunchtime

  • Five groups – five different locations

  • The groups had 24 hours to produce a 3 minutes short fiction

  • Local actors did a great job

  • 29_

  • 29_ (2)

  • 28_

  • Time for editing

  • 27_

  • 26_

  • 25_

  • 24_

  • 23_

  • World premiere of the talents’ five fiction films in Cafebiografen

  • Champagne and diplomas

  • Thanks to all our sponsors

  • Farewell party till we meet again in Chengdu

  • Welcome to Chengdu

  • Kick off: Dialogue between director Martin Strange-Hansen and director Hao Zhou

  • One of the countless group photos……

  • Allab is located in downtown Chengdu, covering about 2,000 square meters

  • Memories from Allab’s last art installation

  • The entrance to the office of Allab – an oasis in the heart of Chengdu

  • Inspiring playground

  • Another playground…

  • Inspiring masterclass with Hao Zhou – documentary director and winner of many film festivals – among others the Golden Horse Film Festival

  • How do you manage the censorship?

  • Traditional Chinese breakfast at the hostel

  • Masterclass with Zhong Chen who has more that 20 years of experience of filmmaking in China and abroad.

  • Spicy Sichuan food – delicious. UNESCO has declared Chengdu to be a city of gastronomy.

  • Visit to the Sichuan University of Media and Communications

  • 26.000 students are enrolled at the university

  • Visiting a classroom focusing on 3D

  • The students at the university demonstrated their ability and were happy to meet a former Oscar winner.

  • Masterclass with Xiaoli Shao, screenwriter, director and producer of a lot of films – both fictions and documentaries

  • Attentive audience…..

  • Simply creative….

  • Shooting on one of the five locations in Chengdu

  • 20.1

  • Shooting in a pottery – five groups had to make five short documentaries

  • Shooting in a clothes factory…

  • Sustainability is the keyword in Yuan’s Sunny House

  • The People’s Park is another location offering thousands of stories

  • Masterclass lecturer Bo Wang, artist and filmmaker based in New York

  • Well done – diplomas to all talent campers

  • Some more happy that others….

  • Many new friendships

  • Partytime…..

  • No party without good food…

  • Two days of sightseeing in Chengdu – here a vist to People’s Park

  • Funny faces…

  • An ear cleaner came by….

  • 26 ch

  • Words that don’t last long…..

  • Thanks a lot to Judy and her team, to Martin, Mette, Nicklas and all the fantastic campers 🙂

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The initiative was taken by LifeLong Learning and the camp is facilitated by Odense Filmværksted and Allab.

It is offered in collaboration with Odense International Film Festival.


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