Director and screenwriter Martin Strange-Hansen is in China as a consultant on a Chinese short film

Martin Strange-Hansen gives good advice to the director Tiger Wang. Martin is hired as an advisor on a Chinese short film, which tells the story of a few days in the life of an old couple tormented by war traumas and unbearable memories. Shootings take place in Jiangsu province in Southeast China.

Danish Chinese Talent Camp 2.0

We are preparing a talent camp that links even closer ties between Danish and Chinese film talents. In May 2019 we went to China together with Mette Bihl from Odense Film Workshop, to visit both FIRST in Beijing and ZUMAC in Zhejiang Province.

Funen and Zhengzhou play central role in Chinese film

In December 2018, North Funen and Odense set the cosy Christmas-scenes for a Chinese family film. Here, the two protagonists Amy from Bogense and Yué Yué from Zhenghou met. In January 2019, the shootings moved to Zhenghou in Henan Province.

Yué Yué is coming to Denmark

Two six-year-old girls, Yue Yue from Zhengzhou and Amy from Bogense, meet in two worlds that are so different and yet so similar.

On November 28 2018, a Chinese film crew including 15 crew members will come to North Funen to shoot a film about a little Chinese girl’s first meeting with Denmark. Behind the film is scriptwriter Meng Xianming – known and respected for numerous award winning book releases and films in both China and also internationally.

Chinese book on Danish education in process

Mr. Li Zhenxi participated for the second time in a two week long course at Nordfyns Højskole under the direction of H. C. Andersen International Kindergarten College (AIKC). The purpose of his visit was to gather information for his upcoming book on Danish pedagogy. His time in Denmark was busy with many interviews and visits to schools, kindergartens, children’s theater, etc. This time, the press caught up with Mr. Li too.

Below this you will find links to 3 of the 30 articles and TV reports, which are being published in relation to this project.

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Mike Tyson in Beijing

In September, former champion boxer Mike Tyson shot the last scenes in Beijing for a Chinese boxing film. Lifelong Learning was the link between Tyson’s agent and the Chinese production company in Chengdu, and the phoneline sparkled between Odense and Beverly Hills for many months. The movie will premiere by the end of 2019.

Song Wen at OFF18

“The Chinese film market is rapidly changing and developing. The audience is making greater demands and is far more critical than before. This opens up new opportunities for young talented scriptwriters – also from Denmark too,” Song Wen told the audience at OFF seminar on ‘The Road to the Film Market of China’.

Great film visit from Beijing

In August, we had the honor to receive Yang Buting, who visited Denmark as one of China’s most experienced producers when it comes to co-productions between China and Europe/ USA. For more than 30 years, Yang Buting has worked with especially American and Indian co-productions, most recently on a film featuring Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. Accompanying Mr. Yang on the tour was also representatives from the investment company CIFS. The visit was 10 days and included a lot of meetings, location trips in Denmark and northern Germany and participation in Kick Off at OFF18.

At FIRST International Film Festival in Xining

The city of Xining is located on the road to Tibet and at an altitude of 2.275 meters and hosts the annual film festival, FIRST. What an experience! We watched a number of Chinese movies and met influential movie people. We watched the talent-films from the training camp of FIRST, movies that we get the pleasure of watching at Odense Film Workshop during OFF18.

Lukas being on the team behind a Chinese reality show

Being one of the extras can lead to many things. Just ask Lukas. He was part of the Chinese film “Stolen Fairytales”, which was filmed on Funen, and in July he is behind the camera on the shootings of a Chinese reality show featuring young aspiring Chinese talents dancing and singing.

Denmark behind the scenes

Denmark is generally unknown territory for Chinese film producers. This is why we went on a location tour in Denmark, Norway, Northern Germany and Benelux in May. The outcome of the tour was several videos that may be of interest for Chinese film producers within film and television projects.

Click and see “Behind the Scenes Video”, as Lukas made from the trip.

Crown Prince, Chinese & Royal Run 2018

Monday, May 21, 25 Chinese kindergarten leaders and teachers attended the Royal Run in Odense, where they ran a mile together with Crown Prince Frederik. The group spent two weeks in order to learn more about H. C. Andersen and Danish pedagogy.

Among the participants was Ruixiang Dong, who is the initiator of H. C. Andersen International Kindergarten College. He ran with the Olympic torch at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and of course he brought the torch to Odense.

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Mikkel Kessler takes part in Chinese film production

Former boxing World Champion, Mikkel Kessler will fly to Taipei at the end of June to participate in the film The Corner. Mikkel will play himself—a professional world-class boxer.

The cooperation agreement between Mikkel Kessler and China has been facilitated by Lifelong Learning and the production company ‘The World Film Co’, which is based in Chengdu.

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Cooperation with one of China’s biggest talent film festivals.

Lifelong Learning is proud to announce that we have established a cooperative relationship with the FIRST International Film Festival located in Beijing/Xining. The festival was founded in 2006 and is an event that focuses on young talented Chinese filmmakers and hosts talent camps. The organizers of the festival hand-pick nine young Chinese talents every year. These youngsters get the opportunity to go through an intensive training program spanning nine days at the end of July. Béla Tarr from Hungary was the foreign facilitator and mentor at the talent camp in 2017.

Attending Chinese festival in Germany

Xuan Zhao, (Amanda) Lifelong Learning attended and assisted the Chinese director Xaiolie Wang during the 3rd Chinese film festival in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, which took place from 2 to 8 March 2018. The delegation from China consisted of 20 Chinese directors, producers and photographers. Many new relations were developed during the festival, which will lead to new initiatives.

Danish-Chinese Film Talent Camp

In August, 10 young Chinese and 10 Danish film talents met to network, participate in master classes and produce films. At the end of October they will meet again at a talent camp in Chengdu, China

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On the hunt for good stories

Are you ready to pitch your idea? Do you want to work with Chinese producers?

Many Chinese investors and movie producers are on the hunt for good stories. We aim to match Danish manuscript writers with Chinese producers and manuscript writers.

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Reality show

A small group of Chinese teenagers will go on a trip filled with fun and educational experiences through Europe. The trip starts in China and heads to Denmark. From Denmark the trip will continue to five other European countries. The focal points will be culture, traditions, daily life – and to have fun.

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We are searching for partners

Culture is an incredible facilitator and a short cut to new relations, networking and growth. We are looking for businesses and organizations that see an advantage in using cultural projects as a way in to the Chinese market. Together we can create and add value for both parties.