Chinese kindergarten teachers take on Nordfyn

Many Chinese pedagogues, managers and experts in the field of education have been travelling to Nordfyns Folk High school to learn about Grundtvig, folk high school traditions, H.C. Andersen and Danish kindergarten teaching methods. Dong Ruixiang, who is behind this initiative, wants 5,000-10, 000 kindergarten teachers to visit Fyn during the next 10 years.

The classes consist of a mixture of presentations, creative workshops, kindergarten visits, cultural attractions and visits to knowledge centers.    The participants come from all corners of China. They will be challenged in workshops, on the playground and in workshops wearing costumes and telling stories.

Work force
Ann Guo Skov and Lisa Johansen from Lifelong Learning are part of a small workforce that has teamed up with the founder of H.C. Andersen International Kindergarten, Mr. Dong Ruixiang, Principal Mogens Godballe, Nordfyns Højskole and costume designer Lisa Van, Mutter&Mus.