We build bridges between Denmark and China

Martin Strange in China

For 10 days, director and screenwriter Martin Strange-Hansen was a consultant before and during the production of a short film, which the debut director Tiger Wang is behind.

The film takes place during only one day telling the story about an elderly couple and their monotonous but loving relationship.

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”The scenery is more colourful, fairytale-like and full of contrasts than I had imagined. We didn’t need to add or change very much in the scenes,” says Zou Dan, who is the scenographer of the Chinese film recorded on Funen and behind a range of high profile Chinese film og tv productions.

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Film, Tv and locations

Easy accessible locations and a professional film environment makes Denmark an attractive destination. At the same time the country is known as being full of creative people who have extensive knowledge of everything from storytelling to the Oscars.

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Chinese kindergarten teachers

Many Chinese pedagogues, managers and experts in the field of education have been travelling to Learn for Life and Nordfyns Folk High School to learn about Grundtvig, folk high school traditions, H.C. Andersen and Danish kindergarten teaching methods.